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Volkswagen Pointer Variant II

Transcriptomic Analysis of Brown Tissue across the Physiological of Natural Hibernation


Affiliation: Department of Mathematics and University of Minnesota Duluth, Minnesota, United States of


We used RNAseq to a comprehensive transcriptome of Brown Tissue (BAT) over the of a year in the naturally hibernating ground squirrel, Ictidomys . During hibernation ground do not feed and use fat stored in White Tissue (WAT) as their source of fuel. Stored is consumed at high rates by BAT to heat at specific points the hibernation season. The highest of BAT activity occurs during arousals from hypothermic bouts, referred to as Interbout (IBAs). IBAs are characterized by body re-warming (from 5 to 37 °C) in 2-3 and provide a unique opportunity to the genes responsible for the highly lipid oxidation and heat that drives the arousal Illumina HighSeq sequencing 14,573 distinct BAT mRNAs and their levels at four active ground squirrels in and October, and hibernating animals both torpor and IBA. on significant changes in mRNA across the four collection 2,083 genes were to be differentially expressed. In

addition to providing detail on the of nuclear genes encoding proteins, and genes involved in and lipolytic pathways, we identified expressed genes encoding transcription factors and other proteins which may play roles in high efficiency fat non-shivering thermogenesis, and transitions and out of the torpid state.

Citation: Hampton M, Melvin RG, MT (2013) Transcriptomic Analysis of Adipose Tissue across the Extremes of Natural Hibernation. ONE 8(12): e85157. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085157

Karin Dahlman-Wright, Karolinska Sweden

Volkswagen Pointer Variant II

Received: July 23, Accepted: November 23, 2013; December 30, 2013

Copyright: © Hampton et al. This is an open-access distributed under the terms of the Commons Attribution License. permits unrestricted use, and reproduction in any medium, provided the author and source are credited.

Funding: This work was byNational Institutes of Health 1RC2HL101625-01 to MTA. The funders had no in study design, data and analysis, decision to publish, or of the manuscript.

Competing interests: The have declared that no interests exist.


all mammals possess Brown Tissue (BAT) as infants to maintain their body through nonshivering thermogenesis. White Adipose Tissue which serves as the main fat depot in children and adults, BAT has to generate heat in newborn and mammals (reviewed in [1 ]). Mammals hibernate retain BAT as adults in to efficiently re-warm themselves arousing from hypothermic The discovery of BAT in adult humans [2 -5 ] has excitement in the biomedical community of its potential for accelerating weight in obese individuals [6 -8 ]. However little is known about the required for optimal BAT function.

In this study we examined BAT expression in a naturally hibernating the thirteen-lined ground squirrel ( tridecemlineatus ). During 5 months of these animals do not eat and use fat stores as primary source of fuel. lipid is consumed at high by BAT to generate heat at specific during the hibernation season. The rate of BAT activity occurs multiple arousals from torpor bouts referred to as Arousals (IBAs). IBAs every 1-2 weeks and are characterized by whole body re-warming and a of normothermic metabolic activity for hours (Figure 1 ). IBAs provide a unique opportunity to the molecular factors in BAT that are for the highly efficient fat burning that drives the arousal During the 2-3 hour transition out of O 2 consumption increases 50-fold, rate explodes from than 10 beats per minute to over 400

bpm, and body temperature from 5 to 37°C [9 ].

Volkswagen Pointer Variant II
Volkswagen Pointer Variant II
Volkswagen Pointer Variant II
Volkswagen Pointer Variant II

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