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Volkswagen Pointer III

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to forget!

It is very easy to to delete what memory we with new, as demonstrated in the snippet:

The thing to note is table is local to the function and leak since it isn’t

Take note that is a simple example. If the code has exit paths in the code, the risk of memory leaks linearly with the amount of in the function.

These leaks can be to find and fix, since of time, we don’t even them.

Fortunately, C++ offers us a alternative to this. See smart (unique/auto pointer) for a good

Not RAII safe

Consider the example.

What happens, if inside the function, something an exception? Considering that allocated some memory new, we must delete but if an exception is thrown, then the of the code will follow on the catch block. So that that to ensure we do not leak we have to make a local block, try to free all the memory then re-throw the exception.

happens since raw pointers are not freed, and thus can be quite

An example of how to do this is not offered, it is generally not recommended (there are better solutions available, for raw pointers).

However, a curious reader may Clearly, we can associate this with many other such as writing some to a file, or some like. operation that, if the function must be rolled back. is, undone. Surely smart cannot be used for all these Well, yes and no. While smart are indeed powerful, they do everything. Discussion of exception is a topic of its own and is not the scope of this Instead, a curious reader is to reading about Boost.ScopeExit .

C++ offers us a safe alternative to the problem. See smart pointers pointer) for a good solution.

Ticking time …

tend to go extremely awry creating new classes with raw Consider the following example:

At glance, it appears harmless. when we try to run the program, we will get a crash. Why?

Let us take a at a sample output from the

002FF9A4: Acquired an int at 00804900

Freeing int at 00804900

Volkswagen Pointer III

002FF9A4: int at 00804900

The first hexadecimal is the address of the object. It is merely to tell us from what the message is outputted from.

But as we see, we allocate one int in instance and then we try to free this int both instances!

So what The problem is that the raw pointer was over to b with the default constructor. Thus, we have two a and b . which contain the very raw pointer. So when a goes out of it frees the pointer. But when b out of scope, it will try to free the raw pointer, causing a double

One solution here is to disable the constructor and assignment operator, so:

Another solution is to write a copy constructor and assignment that makes a copy of the raw and does not merely copy the raw pointer’s value, like so:

A few comments about this If the reader is wondering why the pointer is to nullptr in the copy constructor, it is to sure we delete a nullptr if no pointer has been assigned to A it obviously cannot possibly but since the copy constructor the assignment operator, we need to sure the assignment operator this, as well).

Also is a for self-assignment which tends to all sorts of problems if omitted. It is practice, but not really relevant to example.

The final solution we present is to use a smart pointer smart pointers).

Smart pointers

Smart will not be discussed thoroughly There are plenty of resources on the web discusses them. Instead, are some helpful links describes some smart

Volkswagen Pointer III

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