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Volkswagen Polo Classic

Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco In-Depth Look

Nov 03 2011

24 2011 | JDavis

The Viano Polo is a combination of everything you ever wanted from a van and so much more.  The van your initial desires, safety and power but it then on to offer you high end features you expect to see from a Mercedes-Benz  Features like an easy-glide door, a lockable valuables fully equipped kitchen, seat cushion bolsters, wood floor and to literally top it off, a bed.  What else you want from a compact home on wheels?  Well, for the friendly cross-country drivers, installed the Viano with a BlueEFFICIENCY diesel engine with a of 2.15 litres and the V6 with its 3.0 with CO2 emissions and fuel at record-breaking low figures.

Viano Polo: big shot among the camper vans

The figures are testimony to its success: while new of camper vans in Germany overall by 18.1 percent in the six months of 2011, registrations of camper vans rose percent. And growth internationally has equally solid: in the first of 2011, new camper-van registrations in increased by 10.4 percent to units. The compact Mercedes-Benz Marco Polo camper van managed to comfortably better excellent figures: sales in the half of the year rose by 82 to some 900 units.

Comfortable and Mercedes-Benz Viano Marco

The concept of the Viano Marco is just right: its dimensions are and perfectly suited to everyday use for a van, measuring exactly 5.0 m and 1.9 m wide. With the roof it remains under the two-metre restriction which is important for usage. Cockpit, drive and suspension are entirely on a par with passenger car standards. The interior its fully fitted kitchen and on the left-hand side, the moveable seats and the rotated front have been purpose-designed and down to the very last Mercedes-Benz and its experienced conversion Westfalia have also up with numerous refinements, are only available in a Viano Polo.

Minimal scope for the hallmark features

The tried-and-trusted of the living area in the Viano Polo is a classic, with its fully fitted kitchen and on the left-hand side, as well as the movable seat design electrically adjustable individual and electropneumatically inflatable seat bolsters, leaving minimal for improvement.

The fully equipped accommodation for the Viano Marco is a compelling proposition: pop-up (as an option with electrohydraulic UP function), comfort roof bed on special flexible spring seat that converts a bed with electric adjustment and bed wardrobe and roof stowage along with a drawer in the base, kitchen with gas stove, compressor-type coolbox and as well as stowage compartments, power socket and charger for the on-board battery, hot-air heating with timer and control, table, all-round curtains and a valuables compartment – the Marco Polo is ideal as a camper van, for impromptu stays as well as for weekend and long holidays.

Viano Marco Polo in well-thought-out fittings and furnishings

You need to open the easy-glide door to appreciate the special of the Viano Marco Polo as you your first glimpse of the accommodation. The fronts of the furniture silver surfaces; the integral strip with its burr finish takes its cue from the in the cockpit. In this camper the basic vehicle and the living the Viano and the Marco Polo and furnishings form a harmonious in terms of style and materials. The and decor strips with high-quality look and feel the hallmark quality of a Mercedes-Benz.

The consists of the two-seater bench individual seats in the rear, the table and the swivelling front Thanks to the space-saving foot-operated brake and joystick-style shift in the instrument panel, the seats can be swivelled, providing unimpeded from the cab to the rear. The seat on the co-passenger seat features a valuables compartment, with a net on the side of the base – just two of the practical details on the Viano Polo.

The high-quality, homely and furnishings on the Viano Marco rest on a hard-wearing, easy-to-clean floor covering. As an option, the is available in a wood-look finish, to the decking on a luxury yacht. It homely yet at the same time Additional everyday flexibility courtesy of the option of an additional seat.

Fully fitted and cupboards: practical and spacious

The fitted kitchen and cupboards do not provide a visual highlight: in the Marco Polo, the stowage and drawer can be accessed at any time. to the roller fronts, the contents of the stowage compartments are conveniently to With a compact camper van the Viano Marco Polo its versatile uses it is these of clever details that all the difference. For instance, plastic secure the removable shelves in the while on the move. One of the many of why the sturdy fixtures and fittings do not lots of noise even on appointed roads.

The kitchen in the Marco Polo is fully with a dual-burner gas stove, a coolbox with insert, and a The 40-litre capacity of the coolbox is to store more than Tuscan delicacies as food for the such as the typical exquisite products. A gas-operated strut the cover on the coolbox and on the stove/sink

The know-how of the experienced camper van is reflected in the detail: the raised for the cooker/sink unit not only as a splash guard; it also a fold-down draining board for And the designers have even about a waste bin. A 12 V socket as well as a clothes are fitted in the trim on the roof in front of the cupboard. Insect on the sliding windows help unwelcome guests at bay.

seat: electrically adjustable, inflatable bolsters

The unique seat on the Viano Marco is mounted on rails so it can be moved. The two adjustable individual seats in the come with electropneumatically seat cushion bolsters. improve seating comfort provide lateral support on the move and a comfortable flat at the destination once deflated. anchorage points can be used to child seats. A large under the bench seat as as the roof stowage compartment in the can be used to stow luggage – last centimetre in the Viano Polo is used for the benefit of on-board.

This also applies to the which is stowed away in the door trim while on the Once the vehicle has been the tabletop can be slotted into a on the front of the kitchen, the foot a bench seat rail – and you go.

The bench seat converts a bed at the push of a button

As soon as it is to turn in for the night, an electric effortlessly transforms the two individual into a double bed at the push of a – an unrivalled feature. Deflating the cushion bolsters creates a perfectly flat bed that is two long. Here too is another feature: the bench seat is automatically a few centimetres as it is being out, preventing the belt from uncomfortably poking out the bed in the Viano Marco Polo.

is a priority with any Mercedes-Benz, and for a van in particular: the bed extension which the head section above the compartment on the Viano Marco can be raised in stages using a and a support. This feature improves the already high of comfort.

Additional luggage can be under the bed extension – or those souvenirs from Tuscany. it is two cases of good Chianti or a fine Brunello di Montalcino, a few terracotta objects from there is more than room in the Viano Marco If you need to transport bulky during everyday use, the can simply position the bed extension The cargo section can simply be by moving the bench seat Removing the bench seat the camper van into a fully van. Load securing are testimony to the vehicle’s credentials as a carrier.

Open stowage in the roof-mounted cupboard and the laundry can be used to stow small of luggage in the rear. Other features include the connection for an shower, the power socket in the compartment as well as a collapsible crate together with – ideal for shopping in the market.

bed: no different from bed at home

The pop-up roof on the Marco Polo fits onto the body. When it is securely fastened using two on the left and right. It opens using a gas-strut mechanism or at the push of a button using the convenient electropneumatic feature. guide rails keep the bellows section taut and retract the bellows section as the closes.

There is another bed under the also around two metres A look under the foam reveals a combination of slatted and a flexible spring system, for the sort of night’s sleep you get at A positive ventilation outlet at the and two other outlets at the side let air and into the upper deck. A net prevents children or objects falling out.

On-board high-quality, efficient and fully

The efficiency of the Viano Marco is typical of the brand down to the last detail: the two LED lights, with five individual inside, in the rear provide a light as soon as they are on, illuminate the interior fully and consume minimal power – an factor when venturing off the track where facilities as mains power are not available. reading lights in the rear reading a pleasure. Two reading above the bed extension as well as two near to the roof bed round off the

In any case, the Viano Marco comes with extremely on-board systems, just as you expect. A powerful auxiliary gel powers the vehicle’s electrical The camper van also comes a 230 V external power socket and a charger. The fresh-water tank has a of 36 litres, the waste-water tank 32 Both tanks are mounted in the of the vehicle to protect them frost. Standard equipment includes a fuel-powered auxiliary including timer and temperature The powerful heating capacity of 2.5 kW the living area pleasantly even on cold days.

The van’s gas supply is limited to a gas for the stove. When it needs the bottle can be accessed by swinging out the compartment – one of the many clever in the Viano Marco Polo. ingenious touches include the power socket at the rear for a lamp on the optional bicycle

Passengers control and manage all the key on the clearly laid out control in the centre console on the Viano Polo. The panel displays the and exterior temperature, battery operating status of the coolbox and the of the water tanks. The control for the auxiliary heating is also

Fresh look emphasises the of the Viano Marco Polo

purely from the outside, the generation of the Mercedes-Benz Viano Polo can be recognised with its headlamps – picking up on the style of the Mercedes-Benz passenger cars – powerful reflector headlamps, daytime running lamps, and a grille with three painted louvres with surrounds. Bi-xenon headlamps LED daytime running lamps, System and headlamp washer are also available as an option. lamps with black mouldings and the deep-set bumper the eye at the rear.

The exterior mirrors integral indicator lamps a large field of vision. sections are integrated in the mirrors on sides – a major improvement to not just while manoeuvring in old towns where space is

For the 2012 model year, is freshening up the looks with the new red” and “dolomite brown paint finishes.

The cockpit: comfortable and user-friendly

the driver’s and co-driver’s view the cockpit, the Viano Marco instantly appeals to the senses as a van. The rim of the multifunction steering and the shift lever knob are in nappa leather which is to the touch. The driver operates the trip computer via the buttons on the wheel. The trip computer information on parameters such as fuel consumption and range. The cluster with its white illumination is a new feature for the 2012 year. The precise, easy-to-read resemble a chronometer. All the pushbuttons are clearly at the top of the centre console.

The boasts high-grade Softtouch A decor strip emphasises the crafted character of the Viano Polo. As standard, the decor is finished in a brown burr-walnut-wood and is optionally available in a black look. The comfort seats as standard with seat and armrest adjustment. A host of facilities and drinks holders are for storing snacks and refreshments for the

Thanks to extensive insulation passengers enjoy low noise Amenities such as air-conditioning, adjustable heated exterior electric power windows, and angle-adjustable steering column, fog and remote-control central locking all as standard.

Clean and economical BlueEFFICIENCY technology

A holiday to nature without harming the in a camper van need not be a contradiction Mercedes-Benz. Supreme efficiency for low and fuel consumption lie at the heart of the generation of the Viano Marco All model versions meet the EU 5 standard. The drive system is not outstandingly environmentally friendly and it also accelerates with ease and boasts outstanding

Volkswagen Polo Classic

The four-cylinder diesel engines a displacement of 2.15 litres and the V6 its 3.0 litres are at the heart of the line-up. CO2 and fuel consumption achieve low figures. Behind these is not just the advanced engine in the Mercedes-Benz four and six-cylinder including particulate filter, but the BlueEFFICIENCY technology, which as standard on all Viano models. includes on-demand ancillary an ECO start/stop function, gearshift ECO power-steering pump, low-rolling tyres and – a new feature – generator The generator is designed to charge braking and is governed during

A badge below the A-pillar is to BlueEFFICIENCY. Mercedes-Benz is setting new with this technology: no manufacturer adopts so many to reduce fuel consumption as of its standard specification. Just you are looking for when touring the kind of unspoilt landscapes you in Tuscany.

Powerful, smooth-running engines with four and six

The smooth-running four-cylinder diesel in the Viano Marco Polo output ranges from 100 kW hp) to 120 kW (163 hp). In addition to torque of 310 Nm and 360 Nm respectively is also Maximum torque is already at very low engine speeds of rpm or 1600 rpm respectively. All of which good performance, smooth and low fuel consumption. NEDC consumption in the two output classes CDI 2.0 and 2.2 Marco Polo is just l/100 km.

The unique V6 CDI in the Viano CDI 3.0 Marco with four overhead and aluminium crankcase delivers superior performance coupled superb refinement thanks to of 165 kW (224 hp) and impressive torque of 440 Nm. The automatic transmission teams up with this powerplant for who appreciate the finer things in The result is surprisingly low NEDC consumption of 8.5-8.6 l/100 km. All and six-cylinder diesel engines with balancer shafts, together with the dual-mass guarantee superb smooth

The Viano 3.5 Marco Polo is for customers who want even a 3.5-litre petrol engine 190 kW (258 hp) of output. This is also fitted with an transmission as standard.

ECO Gear transmission reduces engine fuel consumption and emissions

The ECO Gear manual transmission a large part in the good and low fuel consumption of the Viano Polo. Fitted as standard the four-cylinder diesel engines, its gear-ratio spread reduces and fuel consumption. The transmission acceleration when moving off as as nonchalant coasting with low speeds and low emissions, not to mention low consumption at high cruising

Suspension: ride comfort, pleasure and handling safety

The of ride comfort, driving and handling safety is the hallmark of the suspension with rear-wheel on the Viano Marco Polo. It not handles extremely safely and is but is also very comfortable. damping and road and tyre are compelling even when off the beaten track.

Precise, steering comes into its own on the side roads of Tuscany. the compact camper van always precisely, predictably and safely. At the time it sets the benchmark for road and tyre vibration, and levels.

Whether on gravel or the Viano Marco Polo the all-wheel drive system is available to meet the most requirements. The electronic traction 4ETS automatically brakes the wheels individually, increasing the torque at the wheels with traction. The all-wheel drive 4MATIC is always combined an automatic transmission. The result is comfortable all-wheel drive when the going gets accelerate, steer and brake is all you to do at the wheel of a Viano 4MATIC Polo, the technology will after everything else.

The safety features on the Viano Polo

The Mercedes-Benz Viano Polo boasts an unrivalled of safety and assistance systems as The Electronic Stability Program ESP® with anti-lock system ABS, acceleration control system ASR and Brake BAS features detection of load and distribution. It is compulsory for all models. The lights automatically start during emergency braking; the warning lamps automatically on once the vehicle has come to a

As an option, start-off assist an automatic tyre pressure system, the parking and manoeuvring aid as well as a reversing camera the extensive comfort and safety on the Viano Marco Polo.

itself: the Mercedes-Benz Viano Fun

When flexibility is the name of the the Viano Fun truly comes its own. This vehicle an ideal combination of everyday and characteristics – a family or business that can instantly be turned a weekend home on wheels. The versatility of the Viano Fun is presaged in the of both compact and long The compact version comfortably five occupants. The front has comfort seats for the driver and passenger, with a fold-out and seat bench for three in the rear, which can be slid removed or used as a highly bunk. A cushioned bed extension valuable added sleeping

The long version of the Viano Fun has an bench seat in the middle, and is fitted with one additional seat as standard equipment, or two as an The individual seats can be slid a rail system, either in or the direction of travel, and can also be using the convenient grips for this purpose.

The optional roof, in the Easy-Up electrohydraulic if desired, makes the Viano Fun like a mobile home. option offers generous space, and a comfortable roof bed can be added for further sleeping if required.

The “Comfort Fun” package makes the Viano Fun more comfortable to drive. lighting, cockpit with interface and a multifunction steering with trip computer, operated pop-out windows for the rear seat row, cushioning in the side wall an additional heat exchanger in the plus a raft of other features help to create a on-board atmosphere.

Service knows no limits: Europe-wide package at no extra charge

taking a Mercedes-Benz camper van on is never alone: with 2600 service centres Europe, Mercedes-Benz offers a network of workshops for vans. In an the free Service 24h hotline arrange assistance in no time at 365 days a year, 24 hours a Should your Viano Polo actually break Mercedes-Benz MobilityGo will you mobile: the free guaranteed package includes rapid breakdown assistance as well as the of taxi fares, and the provision of a vehicle if the repair is likely to more than two hours. is valid for all Viano models for the two years following initial with no limit on mileage.

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Volkswagen Polo Classic
Volkswagen Polo Classic
Volkswagen Polo Classic
Volkswagen Polo Classic
Volkswagen Polo Classic

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