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Volkswagen Quantum

Purpose The Fox’s stock are pretty good. I personally had 2 Foxes, both with the 4-speed transmissions. Contrary to you might think, the 4-speed is not all Acceleration is pretty good, you shift as often (so that when, uhh, driving with 5-speed cars), the 4th is nice on the highway (

2600 RPM @ 100 and they’re virtually bulletproof!

when I finally came a 9Q (the code for the 5-speed transmission found in VW Quantum diesels), I decided to go for it. I knew the car drive differently with a but I wasn’t aware of how much a it would make. I will to say that this should be the first modifications one should do, if for improving acceleration (the being removing the exhaust and preferably upgrading the entire — exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and cat-back pipes).

The 9Q’s gearing like it has the best possible of gears to yield amazing as well as good highway RPMs. The Audi 2P transmission is the same through gears but it’s 4th and 5th are closer together; will result in slightly acceleration, but will also higher cruising RPMs.

The is fairly straightforward, as long as you all the parts needed. It can be performed the course of a day, providing you the skills, parts and access to that might be worn etc.).

Where to find the 9Q? Junk VW Quantum turbo diesels are rare these days, so this transmission will be tough.

What to get?

the transmission and acquire it.

Grab the shifter linkage — you everything from the transmission to the shift lever (even the box at the bottom of the rod that has the knob on If the donor car is missing the linkage, rod, or any other parts, I am certain that the following have identical shifter components (all with engines and 5-speed manual VW Quantum, Audi 4000, VW

Depending on the mileage of your and the state of these parts, it be a good idea to buy: new disc, pressure plate and bearing, as well as a new rear seal, and transmission seals (if appear to be leaking). My 9Q didn’t any signs of leaks and doesn’t so I didn’t change any seals. The main seal on the engine one around the crankshaft) was moist, so I it. I also left my stock Fox and all other components.

If you have the getting a lightened flywheel help with acceleration more. Be aware that no what any web site advertises, do NOT have the same flywheel as Volkswagens!

VW and Audi do not recommend to the transmission fluid, ever. was a little bit low, so I added a additive, and left the fluid was in there. Redline Manual Fluid is apparently very but costing $8.50 USD per quart, it is not A friend of mine (whose car transverse transmissions several per year) uses engine oil in his due to the low cost of engine oil.

The drive flanges, transmission flywheel, clutch, and everything are identical to the Fox transmission, so there’s no work involved. The switch for the lights is in a different location, but the Fox reach without any problems.

The Disclaimer: the instructions and information are for informative purposes only. are here as a guide and may not contain all information. If you break something, your fault.

Prepare the

Disconnect the battery.

Disconnect cable from transmission.

out the floor console and trim the handbrake.

Take the plastic off the handbrake.

Take out at least one (I did the swap with just out the passenger seat).

Removal of

Ideally, raise the car up on a hoist. is what I did; it may be possible to the swap wth the car raised only on but since I did not to do this, I cannot say for

Unbolt the shift rod that from inside the car to the transmission from underneath).

Unbolt the box inside the car and remove it along the vertical an horizontal rods all attached together). This raising the carpet a bit, the suggestion to remove the seat and trim. The box is held down by 4 seen only when you the carpet around, and not by the two that are once you take the shift off. I was able to snake my arm in the holes in the carpet on the passenger that are cut for the seat rails. patience and a magnetic screwdriver I lose any nuts or washers.

front wheels.


Remove airbox, remove shields from exhaust unplug O 2 sensor, unbolt

Remove driveshafts.

Remove big nut outer CV joint. Unbolt from balljoint (undo the not the two nuts, so you don’t have to get the car Unbolt driveshaft from flange (you need a socket tool). Don’t about getting the driveshafts up, they’re both of absolutely lengths.

Remove transmission.

My did most of this, while I was the car taking the shifter components and cleaning up the 5-speed, so I missed of the steps and tricks.

Take off the cover on the bottom of the transmission. transmission from engine, front engine mount, transmission off splines. Remove. We had the engine and transmission supported while doing this.

Remove clutch, etc.

all the clutch components and inspect.

If flywheel for a lighter one, it. Inspect rear main replace if leaky (should be cheap,

$10 CAD).


Volkswagen Quantum

taking parts off your keep an eye out for rust, bent and such, and fix them now so you don’t to take things apart

If any undercoating is missing, get rid of any rust, it with rust-paint, and then with undercoating. Some undercoating is bound to get scraped off the install, so fix that too.

all bushings on the 5-speed, replace as (they’re inexpensive).

Inspect the bearing on the 5-speed. Also sure each gear properly.

Apply grease necessary, and anti-seize compound on that may be tough to remove in the

Installation of 5-speed

Install shifter box. Make it moves freely, and that the boot sealing the rod from the to the outside of the car is still secure.


Reinstall transmission.

The 9Q has 2 switches and a big hex-head bolt out. Maybe we didn’t the 5-speed transmission in the proper because there was a tiny bit of to the transmission tunnel required in 2 Both are on the passenger side, and were needed for a switch and for big hex-head bolt to clear the The tunnel had to be hammered in no more a few millimeters (pictures below). One way to this might have to replace the switches and bolt something less extrusive; but the didn’t do anything bad, so we did it way. Just be sure to some good undercoating the factory stuff was scraped off

Reinstall downpipe, airbox,

Reinstall driveshafts wheels.

shifter components to transmission and for proper alignment. This may going for a drive, and then

Reconnect speedometer cable and (The speedometer uses the drive gear, so your and odometer will still be

Enjoy newfound acceleration. that reverse is under

Thoughts I got accustomed to the 4-speed’s through driving 4-speed for about 7 years. So while I that the better final and tighter gearing would better acceleration, I did not realize how a difference this would With the 4-speed, even if I at redline (fuel gets cut at RPM on my Fox), I’d drop the powerband in the next gear. this 5-speed even at about 5000 RPM, I have good power in the gear. I’m writing with only about 2 of driving with the 5-speed, so I add more thoughts later, as I the transmission, as I test it out, and

In summary: if you have a 4-speed, and can get a get it now! I presume that with everything else stock, the 5-speed will out in the acceleration department.

Isn’t it that Volkswagen’s engineers use heads? In what other of car will a transmission from a model fit without any problems a 1992?

And in case anyone’s the 4-speed will go in my Dasher, so not for sale.

Pictures I tried to as many pictures as possible, to what one will see if undertaking the

Volkswagen Quantum
Volkswagen Quantum

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