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Volkswagen Santana sedan I


Mallus = Bongs

May 29, — Aadisht

I have a longstanding that Mallus are not actually Indians, but Bongs who have to South India.

Consider the Both communities make fish. Both have a to elect communists with numbing regularity. Both are fanatics.

Still not convinced? of them speak languages are completely unintelligible to other They both make and art films that nobody understands. And both refuse to while in their home but turn into exemplars of work and productivity when migrate.

I’m not saying it has to be true, but testing for genetic markers help settle the question.

Why it be sacrifice?

May 25, 2006 — Aadisht

A few ago, a Tehelka reporter was some of us at IIM Bangalore for a special on the perception of leftism on Indian The interview drifted from of the left parties, to the question of who speak for the poor, and then to the Bachao Andolan. Someone- I remember if it was the reporter who asked if we in it or one of us who stated that he did- up the concept of ‘sacrifice’ – that the people should be willing to something for the good of the entire

It’s sad. As managers, supposed to look for win-win But we’re conditioned so badly by the discourse on the Narmada dam that turns into a sacrifice: the displaced people should their land for the benefit of and agriculturists, or urban residents sacrifice their comfort to traditional tribal lifestyles.

But why either side sacrifice ?

The transaction looks like a because it’s terribly The victims of displacement get only if the incompetent administration gives it to in the first place- while the of the dam get water and benefit from real estate prices.

Is any way to ensure that the people who their land benefit to the extent that the people who get the do? Yes, there is- and it relies the concept I introduced in the previous — financial options.

If the whether it’s building a or building a township on agricultural does what it’s to, land prices will significantly in the area that is developed. If the development is a dam, the land will not see a price but the land that does get to irrigation thanks to the dam will see a in value. For a real estate things are even more the acquired land is developed, and a rise in value.

What if you compensate the people land you are acquiring with options on the land which The option can have an exercise equal to the current price- or with a modest premium- and it can be on a date after the development is to be complete.

(Of course, I am not suggesting compensation should be purely in just that options form part of a compensation that also includes and cash.)

As you’ll recall, a option means the option can buy the asset at a fixed price we’re assuming is the current Let’s say that prior to the of the Narmada dam, Ahmedabad property is trading at Rs. 300 a square Displaced people are given options to buy say, five square feet of Ahmedabad property at exactly this Rs. 300. After the construction of the and diversion of water to Ahmedabad, property rises in value to improved availability of water. now worth 500 rupees a square Multiply the difference- two hundred a square foot with the of options: five hundred feet- and that’s one lakh (Of course, these figures just to illustrate the concept.) And some neat usage of derivatives, we’ve solved the of unequal gains.

There are some problems with this idea I can think of off the top of my head. I’ll how to solve these in another post.

Options 101

May 23, 2006 —

I have been thinking a particular topic, and I have an about it. This idea financial options. As not everyone be familiar with these, first have a post up on the of options, and then write the posts.

Let’s start.

An is a contract to buy or sell something at a price. Stock options are the known sort of options, to things like Employee Option Programs. An option is not the itself- just the right to in that thing.

Let’s illustrate this. I run a company called Maajorly Arbit Fundaes Public which employs lots of to post arbit fundaes on all over the internet (we can debate the of this business model MSAF Ltd. currently has a price of Rs. 100.

I now issue on MSAF Ltd. to all my employees. option allows them to buy a of MSAF Ltd. at Rs. 120 on June 1,

What happens on June 1, Two possible things:

The share is below Rs. 120- Rs. 110, The option is worthless. Buying the at Rs. 120 makes no sense when you buy it on the market for Rs. 110

The share price is Rs. 120 or Now, the option is worth In fact, it is worth exactly the between the market price and Rs. If the market price is Rs. 125, the option is worth Rs. 5. If it’s Rs. the option is worth Rs. 10. How do we get this? you use the option to buy a share at Rs. 120, and immediately sell the share at the price. The profit you make is the option is worth.

What we’ve just is called a call option, we’re talking about the to buy an asset. What if the option had not to buy a share at Rs. 120, but to sell it? The thing, but in reverse. If the market had been above Rs. 120, the option would have worthless- why sell at Rs. 120 when you can at a higher price in the market? If the price had been Rs. 110, the would have been Rs. 10- you could have bought a at Rs. 110 and sold it at Rs. 120 thanks to the option. An like this which you the right to sell an asset is a put option.

I’ve talked the special case of what the is worth when you have to use it, but be worth something even June 1, 2007- what it be worth will depend on estimate of what the stock is actually going to be on June 1, but it have a value- and you can sell the itself for that value.

One thing before this primer is complete. My example shares, but it could have anything else. I could an option to buy a barrel of oil for seventy dollars on August 1, 2006. Or I have an option to sell a dollars at 45.5 rupees a on July 1, 2006. It’s to explain with shares, but you can an option on virtually any kind of

That’s all you need to know options in the context of the post I’m to make. For a more detailed do read the Wikipedia entry. also has some very diagrams.

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