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Volkswagen Sharan I

Total Smackdown! Volkswagen v Citroen C4 Grand Picasso

* Guest post by my husband, DD!

As of you might know, my wife’s is currently our trusty 3+ year old C4 Grand Picasso. We bought him in in anticipation of little Nomi’s and were really rather with the purchase. Apart the intermittent problem of Unresponsive-Power-Windows-Surfacing-At-Inconvenient-Moments, our C4 Picasso — let’s him Pablo — has served our well. And, although we are not in the for a new car to replace good ol’ (notwithstanding aforesaid Problem), we very grateful for Volkswagen’s to let us have the Sharan for a week.

By the

You may already have read reviews of the Volkswagen Sharan or here or here .

You can also the technical specifications of the Sharan at website (and can I just say at time, these are mighty specs! 8.5 secs 0-100kph, other things).

So this will offer something – a review of the Sharan (let’s her Sandy) compared with

Here are the cars, side by

Both are happy cars.

the Sharan looks a little here but that is because of my photography. Actually, side by Sandy is quite a bit longer and a bit wider than Pablo. As you see in the next pic, there is a bit space in the middle rows for the in Sandy than in Pablo:

For comparison, here are the kids in usual positions in Pablo

they are in Sandy. Plenty of for the person in the middle, even hemmed in by two car seats.

Note the doors, which creates

Comfortable amount of leg room even when the seats are not pushed back. Enough for to mess around anyway.

One of the features of Sandy is its OPENING The kids of course loved feature.

Standing tall.

I but did not grant, Noey’s many many requests to allow him to his head out of the sunroof while the car is in But if you can’t actually do that (to like a tank commander in believe land) then good is an opening sunroof? got me thinking – is an opening sunroof than a regular one? The is, probably yes. Here are the

Advantages of Opening Sunroof:

ventilation while car is moving.

hot air to escape faster if parked the sun for a while.

Disadvantages of Opening

If you’re unlucky birds poop right into cabin.

It creates unnecessary of longing for poking one’s out while car is in motion.

Soooooo… very clear that the outweigh the disadvantages…. Right?

By the for those of you who are interested in measuring Sandy the Sharan’s sunroof approx 115cm X 70cm, Pablo Picasso’s sunroof 85cm X 80 cm. That said, sunroofs are huge, and both let in amounts of light into the

Next feature of the Sharan is… Everything

Seriously, the Sharan has Everything. Automatic keyless automatic sliding doors, boot, automatic volume (music volume is moderated to ambient sound so that the is always just right – automatic parking, automatic lock, automatic side/curve and automatic almost anything you can think of. The car even automatically itself with Park if you really need it to.

Automatic except one thing… Sandy not come equipped with an fuel door. On Pablo, a is pressed to open the fuel I was trying to look for the same on Sandy but to no avail. Not one of the 56 buttons and 6 dials could open the door. I had to SMS my friend (a happy of a Sharan as well) to ask whether one had to use a to pry open the fuel compartment! some dismissive words my friend I was educated on the oh-so-simple mechanism.

Button heaven for Operation of Everything Conceivable.

sleek Driver-side door

Dashboard. Notice the steering conveniently has buttons too.

and stop the car with, yes, the of a button.

There’s even a to automatically close the rear No need for slamming here.

Speaking of my good friend who owns a Sharan (erm, call him… Jeep), Mummybean told me that we be getting Sandy on loan for a I asked him for some tips on the Sharan. You know, whether it had any handling characteristics, eg. whether was body roll when corners.

Jeep (excellent he is, by the way) excitedly told me he was very (to the power of 100) with the Sharan and that it was a upgrade from the Touran. As for corners, his immortal words “ I take corners at 80kmh, no ”. My other colleagues who were and overheard these words believe it – either Jeep lawyer) was bluffing or worse, a driver. Both were Anyway if anyone sees a brown Sharan take the Kurau exit at 80kmh, my friend Jeep. Say hi to him for me.

My experience is the Sharan’s drive is impeccable. It very planted and solid but yet responsive. That said, I try any corners at 80kmh (or higher) and I have to connect you to my good Jeep if you want an opinion on For the corners that I did take, was impeccable and precise and it is not necessary to steering micro-adjustments while corners which is a common on many cars including

And Sandy has lots of power 0-100kmh in 8.5 seconds, max torque of at 1700rpm, with an engine out power of 200 finely tuned

Volkswagen Sharan I

So the Sharan is really no slouch. In if one floors the pedals from a position, power is transmitted so that the wheels spin traction is obtained and the car spears leaving the other mortal behind.

And yet, Sandy’s is remarkably quiet compared to The cabin is well insulated engine buzz and external sound and one does not have to with them to speak or be In Pablo it is a slightly different because engine noise is though not loud, and all in all Sandy a more refined driving

As for fuel consumption, for the time I had her 2.0l engine delivered numbers to 1.6l Pablo at 7-8km per litre. My friend however reports lower efficiency on his Sharan (around 5-6 and the difference could be that I did several relatively long journeys with Sandy, normal city traffic have been far less efficient.

So, having said all does Sandy the Sharan Pablo Picasso in every The answer is no, and I’ll just 2 examples.

First, on the comfort Sandy lacks armrests for the and front passenger seats.

No for driver’s left arm/front right arm. Said will be in limbo (ahem resist)

This might not like much but armrests are quite useful and comfortable. It have been better if had them.

Also, Pablo’s front are also a bit more comfortable Sandy’s, being contoured to the shape of the human body Sandy’s.

Second, and this was the thing that actually me about driving Sandy, is Sandy has over-excited parking sensors. They start nervously from 10 feet and increase in volume and pitch, maximum calamity mode if you have a safety distance of inches between the side and next pillar.

And don’t try parking within 6 inches of the mirrors because the sensors screech and scream and threaten bomb detonation unless you BEEP BEEP BEEP AWAY MOVE AWAY AWAY. Needless to say I found it not so to park Sandy in narrow-ish

Before I conclude, here are more pictures of Sandy:

boot space, with the row of seats folded down.

Noey’s favourite thing to do: the automatic doors close. And And close. And open.

Can we keep car, please?

Our favourite

Apart from the two minor above, Sandy is in all respects a refined car than Pablo. To put it in though, she does cost a 80 grand more than so one would expect that of quality. Whether the 80 grand is it, however, is very much a thing and each person’s may vary.

I’ve heard some sources that one of the why the take up rate for the Sharan is than other similar is the pricing, and I am inclined to agree. you do get what you pay for and the Sharan in the MPV market is second to none so there is a reason for the price it commands. As for me, Sandy is beyond my budget shameless plug coming!), I can dream of owning one…. and if can give me a nice discount say thank you in advance! Hah. But thanks Volkswagen for letting us the use of the Sharan.

If there are any queries on the Sharan be happy to do a QA/FAQs for fans of blog, just leave a and I’ll add to this post to any questions you might have.

to Volkswagen for the use of the Volkswagen Sharan TSI 2.0 for a for the purposes of this review. All remain strictly our own.

Volkswagen Sharan I


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