Volkswagen Touareg — Volkswagen Touareg I

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Volkswagen Touareg I

Barcelona, Spain — a little late to the party, the is fashionably late it would Volkswagen has finally unveiled first foray into the sport utility vehicle called the Touareg. After a successful launch at the Paris Show, Volkswagen AG invited a of journalists from around the to sample their new SUV in Barcelona, Their goal was to show off all of the new vehicle and show off it did.

turns out to be one of the best locations to this vehicle. Volkswagen out a demanding course to demonstrate the of the new platform. The excursion exhibited the prowess through the hills of the and foothills of the Pyrenees, which Spain from France. The proved to not only feature the scenic vistas that at battled with a driver’s on the task at hand. With in mind, it’s time to on the truck itself and how the thing not to mention answering whether it what it promises on paper.

set up a challenging on-road and off-road to highlight both the 313hp V10 TDI and 3.2L V6(VR6) engines to the The first leg of the trip was on-road us away from the airport at VW engineers were quick to out before we even started our that all the day’s tests going to be conducted on Bridgestone tires. For those who may not know are street touring tires make no aspirations whatsoever of up to off-road duties or high driving.

Settling into a V10 TDI the dashboard and center console seemed logical and there was no to break out the owner’s manual to out how everything worked. The GPS system functions such as an off-road center providing such as amount of steering lock directional compass and altitude The integrated audio system was user friendly and sounded Our first route was already into the navigation system and was to access. The map route can be displayed not in the center console, but also a display on the instrument cluster. We following the color display in the console a bit more user than the one embedded into the but both work well

It is interesting to note that the gauges are NOT lit in the violet blue as in the Volkswagen offerings. The numbers are lit in with red highlights that are easy on eyes. The center and climate control are dual and controlled by both the passenger and the by two medium sized rotary located below the GPS/audio A small digital display the knobs show the temperature and fan — overall a nice even with the low positioning. The dash seemed to be situated to allow easy movement to set

Also on the center console of the V10 TDI the two knobs to adjust the differentials and the air settings. By default the two knobs are to prevent accidentally activating while driving. Once you the top, the knobs will into place to make A thoughtful and very functional we found out later during the portion of the event.

Displayed on the console is a large silver without any markings. This, it out, is how you start the truck. are two ways you can accomplish this with the traditional insert key in method or by depressing fully on the pedal and pressing the silver without the key. A sensor in the panel detects whether a key is inside the vehicle and if that key the correct security code. If checks out, the starter can be used to start the vehicle the need to insert the key into the We chose the magical silver starter method and deposited the key the side door pocket it remained the rest of the day.

starting the V10 TDI we asked, Is this running or do I need to try this The helpful assistant from assured me that the engine was on and sent me on my way. There was no clatter, no smoke, and no vibration to be at all from this engine. refinement is amazing for a 5.0L V10 happens to be a diesel. Pulling out city traffic shows how apt engine really is: starting off the line is most impressive, I say sports car like. There is 5000 lbs. of bulk to with this package, but the and more importantly the massive 550 of torque available from the tip in of the throttle is accompanied by a firm back in the seat. The 28 mpg combined economy that is normally for cars that weigh as much is equally impressive. when really using the V10 TDI in could be called the upper rev for a diesel, the engine still a good deal of refinement fully revealing its diesel

On the road the Touareg hardly any of the tendencies normally associated an SUV. The V10 TDI fitted with the air has three settings that are by a dial located between the two that adjust the differentials and the air The three modes are Sport setting), Auto, and Comfort. We that cruising at high around 120 km/hour or so, the Comfort was too floaty for our tastes. Around it was perfect for dealing with virtually drowning them Auto mode allows the ECU to what suspension level was given the speed and conditions. sensors continuously measure the between the axle and body and the adjusts itself to maintain a distance between the axles to control body gyrations and This new system is what calls Skyhook damping. 180-km/h the suspension reverts to the lowest setting, Sport. can be manually overridden and is the last on the dial. We found that in the setting that the vehicle very similarly to a regular sedan, granted with a bit elevation. Handling was traditional car sedan of firm, but progressive. did not deteriorate greatly and body were firmly controlled. In Sport setting does on the promised sporty handling.

The in Sport setting proved further as we climbed into the of the Pyrenees heading for the off-road of our adventure. These roads can quite challenging due to their changes, high speed, and nature. Given the fact we were driving an SUV you would not to have much fun on the curvy presented to us. Again, this out to be a surprise. The grunt of the engine and the suspension allowed us to push the car a bit on these roads. A normal to understeer is expected but was also through use of the throttle.

Six-pot front Brembo are equally impressive and fade as we descended the mountains. Mind you was all done on what amounted to tires and can by no means be considered in nature. The 515 ft/lb of torque passing slower vehicles on uphill stretches very There’s no need to rev this out, from very low revolutions the Touareg moved and firmly. On the go, the TDI is accompanied by the faint of the twin turbochargers doing business. We can also attest while following another V10 TDI is no tell-tale diesel smoke to be We’ve been behind chipped Volkswagen/Audi 1.8T’s and that smoke more these diesel trucks do at open throttle. That’s a to the fact that the V10 already European EU-3 emissions

On to the 3.2L VR6: The V6 modelwe had the steel spring suspension no air adjustability. This will be the package initially offered for the market with the Air Suspension The 4.2L Audi V8 will soon after.

The 220hp V6 is surprisingly no slouch on the horsepower and front either, especially just switched over the stump-pulling V10 TDI. The V6 engine be offered as the base engine for the U.S. and Europe. This V6 is shared with the Phaeton and the new R32 in Germany. In this application, it has altered for use in the Touareg. Differences a modified oil pump with intake, an adapted sump for longitudinal and lateral inclinations, and a belt drive, whose looping angles provide for fording of water. Acceleration is if not brisk and also accompanied by the throaty, deep grumble of the 15 V6. The V6 matches is very smooth and moreso than past VR6 Other than the tachometer revs you would be hard to distinguish whether or not this is running at idle. The 24 valve ensures that the engine high up in the rev range while the low down grunt for getting off the quickly and handling off-road

The steel spring, non-air rides a bit higher than you expect. On road that into more of a high driving feeling that can the driver the impression of actually a truck instead of a passenger Still, the overall feel is you are not driving a traditional truck, but of a German sedan that happens to be a bit higher off the ground average passenger sedan. sport utility vehicles of body control in cornering is not something evident on the Touareg. when somewhat aggressively the suspension limits on the steel the car still exhibited a benign push, but did not feel like a barge threatening to make a towards the bushes. The same be said of some of the competitors in segment that are based off of truck platforms.

To sum things up, on-road the Touareg is enough to cloud the driver’s into thinking they are not driving a SUV, but more of a sedan. In the end Volkswagen’s goal to the Touareg an impressive handling were accomplished to a large What is even more is the experience we had in the off-road section of our

Volkswagen Touareg I

Off-Road Driving Impressions

completing the on-road portion of our we arrived up in the mountains about 45 away from Andorra on the border. This mountainous is the ideal testing ground to the off-road capabilities of the Touareg. Rally Car (WRC) driver Sainz evidently uses the and the surrounding hillsides as his personal grounds.

The Volkswagen engineers for the Touareg had set up two portions of our test. were quick to point out that all these tests going to be run on Bridgestone Turanza tires. As we mentioned before, the of a street tire has been on purpose to further highlight the capabilities of the Touareg.

The first of the off-road experience is a closed designed to show approach and angles and what the Touareg is of. Personally I’m a car guy and don’t a tremendous amount of experience so when I was instructed by an engineer to a 45 degree slope into a pit touching the brakes you can imagine amount of hesitation on my part. It out that the Touareg more makes up for that lack of For the most part we were in drive low on both the V10 TDI and the V6. Probably the interesting test was entering a ditch at an obscene angle and the front right tire was just previously hanging down into the mud. We had to crawl around the side of a 40 angled pit that led onto a that has an approach of 45 degrees or so. All may sound fairly tame, but quite precarious when you see doing it. Once out of the pit and onto the mound we had to maneuver around the pyramid while differentials to keep traction and forward At a 45 degree angle you are either straight down at the ground or straight up at the sky. It is fun but nerve until you get acclimated with the

The V10 TDI had an advantage in the torque department allowed it to bully its way through particular part of the off-road The V6 was no slouch though, more holding its own. Not having the of the TDI meant the V6 required more to get the job done, but still it provided torque to accomplish the sections.

are several differences here the two. The V6 was using the steel while the V10 TDI was using the adjustable air The air-suspension option is definitely its weight in gold in more situations where the added clearance is necessary (about 2 more with the air suspension). The suspension proved itself though despite not being

After completing this more technical course we off into the surrounding hills. it was time for a bath. To show that this should be a legitimate player off-road, we a creek that essentially had up to the halfway point of our doors. claims the Touareg can traverse up to nearly 24 inches deep. The designed door seals that water will not into the passenger compartment. both the V10 and the V6 have their mounted high in the engine to prevent water from ingested into the engine. engine and suspension platforms did not any problems with the water. from the creek was a gradual that posed another problem. Being on street and trying to get up a muddy, rocky was not something I thought the Touareg be able to do. I was wrong. Again all-new 4XMOTION system (VW for it’s newest application of pulled us out of the water and mud without fuss or hassle.

This second portion of the was more of a real world that included many angled descents and ascents. of these drop-offs were blind requiring the driver to over the hood searching for a place for the front wheels. A of times this was done on wheels that provided for a of uneasy moments for the driver, but not the evidently. With so many descents on the course it was a perfect to try out the Hill Descent program, saved us numerous times having a close and encounter either a rock or very looking trees that the course. The Hill Descent maximizes the amount of grip through the combined use of 4XMOTION, EDL and ABS While descending steep the driver effectively removes foot from the brake and gas the Touareg to take over. steer and point. This even made a novice as myself look like had been doing this of their life.

In the end both proved to be outstanding, but the edge has to go to the TDI in terms of effortless off-roading. The V6 is and torquey, but the massive amount of that the V10 has simply outguns the V6. It is to step out of the TDI into the V6 at times and a degree of perspective. The V6 for 90% of the time is all most drivers, who will never see nearly the amount of time as we did, will need. Just do not allow the driver to experience the freight like torque of the V10 TDI because won’t want to give it up.

Volkswagen Touareg I
Volkswagen Touareg I
Volkswagen Touareg I


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