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There has been a great of debate in zombie survival regarding what is the most form of transportation in a zombie Some, such as Max Brooks. against the use of motorized vehicles, fuel and maneuverability as concerns, and that travel on foot or by is the best option. Others comfort in the protection and capability trucks and other large provide. Still others argued in favor of the horse as the method of transportation. This will go over the various of transportation that will be in the event of zombie related unrest. The feasibility or wisdom of depends on many factors to one’s scenario.

Whatever of transportation one decides to use, be aware of its potential to attract the noiser the vehicle, the larger the that it will attract However, attracting zombies is not a factor of noise. Bright or lights can be a beacon on a dark that can be seen for many On motorised vehicles, be sure to as many lightbulbs as possible if you are to be in an area with zombies. It is to remove the tail lights, lights, and reversing light the rear of the vehicle, to disable the to avoid accidental loud and also to remove the orange signal bulbs. It is inadvisable to the headlights as the will be necessary for driving at some stage, but be wary about bumping the accidentally and activating the headlights stationary.

Walking/Running Edit

The most method of transportation that one can is his or her own body. It can be brought up stairs, tight spaces, and other that cannot be readily with any vehicle. In addi

An running.

tion, this of transportation requires no fuel than food and water, and is to almost anyone. Perhaps the obvious disadvantages that with walking are that it is and that cargo capacity is to what you are able to carry on person. Also, long may be quite tiring for most especially when carrying So travel as light as you can while on the Fitness level and footwear are major considerations. Even the of travellers will notice and tear, and the potential for injury if they do not occasionally take a day to up and rest. The biggest disadvantage is is nothing to protect you when you are or surrounded by zombies.


Many people learn how to bicycles at a very young making this method of available to almost everybody. a bike is faster and less than walking, although not as as a motorized vehicle, and they can be almost anywhere that the body can. They are easy to fix, they are quiet, and the only fuel is the food and water consumed by the body,and the occasional drop of oil for the Disadvantages include the fact they provide no protection, and cargo capacity is limited to the rider can carry although trailers are offered by some If one is not going to drive and must long d

The Flying Pigeon, the best bicycle.

istances then he or she consider seeking out a bike as as possible. When selecting a you should make sure you are getting one that is of high such as an aluminum or steel carbon fiber can prove to be and not reliable if you over tighten or anything), is in good condition, and is enough to last in a survival Also, make sure it is not too big or too small for your body this can make riding uncomfortable. Above all, sure that it is suitable for the if travelling offroad discount a bike; if going by road, a light-framed bike with tires in order to avoid from glass and metal wrecked cars.

These are of the types of bicycle available.

bikes Edit

Mountain are incredibly sturdy machines, to climb tough trails and go large rocks. This be your first choice looking for a general-use bike, as you probably be spending a lot of time over dirt, rocks, and damaged roads. The main to this bike is that it is slower than a racing but, unless you’re chased by a zombie horde, you need to go fast anyway.

BMX bikes Edit

If you know how to one properly, then these can an incredible mix of speed and agility. smaller and lighter than bikes, making them to store and ride in tight

Racing bikes Edit

bikes are very fast and However they are not nearly as as mountain bikes, and their are easier to puncture unless you solid intubes. If this is the bike you have available go ahead and take it, but unless you that you will be travelling on a surface it would be best to switching over to a mountain as soon as possible.

Other transportation Edit

There exist other methods of that are powered by the human All of them have a number of and issues. Remember: like they provide no protection and in the way of extra cargo space.


Skateboards function as a alternative to walking but if you don’t how to ride one it’s not worth the learn during an outbreak. they are also good as an weapon. The metal trucks are to stun zombies with a hit. Travelling would be if you know how to ride a skateboard but in mind that big cracks and will throw you off instantly. putting you in risk of an open and/or zombies near by.

Warning: Going down on a skateboard is not advised as there is no to brake by default on the skateboard and the way to slow down would be to use feet as an ancor or another as an ancor and for an emergency stop you likely will be jumping for it.


These incredibly and manuverable boards are usually than skateboards, and can go through and dirt if you are already going These will run over cracks, pebbles, and debris without throwing you off. are perfect for any road or city but have many of the same of a skateboard.

Ripstiks Edit

two-wheeled skateboards are very if you know how to ride one. is a high learning curve for one and if you don’t know how to use one, use it as a improvised weapon if needed it’s heavier than the skateboard.

Warning . riding at speeds or going down on a ripstick is dangeorus because the two just aren’t enough to the friction involved.


In use scooters fill a similar but to learn role as a skateboards, are portable platforms with steering systems that urban travelers coast on by either kicking off against the or using gravity on down straights. Most scooters are 2 but you may find some that are wheeled and balanced. In comparison a skateboard, scooters are more than skateboards since come off with a easier to non existant learning curve and as a more durable improvised being usually made of aluminum. However they similar disadvatages, and the metal can make a lot of noise when the travels over a crack or strip of pavement.

Inline skates Edit

are essentially shoes with and can provide a faster form of than walking in a straight but at the sacrifice of balance and true You can not walk up stairs fast in you can not swim away fast in and you can not zig zag or climb safely in skates. have almost no tactical unless you are using Hypno which are inline skates detachable wheels.

There in the late 90s a brand of inlines Hypno Skates. These of kit are sturdy protective roller with a completely detachable It takes about five to remove them (after all is going to be the scenario where is of the essence). These chassis are made of steel and are heavy, a very efficient melee but take up much needed when not on your feet.

Cross-country skis Edit

(and to a lesser degree, are for long distance travel and The armies of all the Scandinavian countries ski-trained infantry (which used to great effectiveness the Winter War), which a great deal about the of skis as transportation. The most problem with these is without proper training the can hurt themselves critcally and can only be used on snow. if the user is properly trained and if you are in an that has a lot of snow, then may be an effective method of cold-weather instead of riding a bike. if it’s cold enough for snow, it’s cold to freeze zombies in their which means that one not even have to deal zombies.

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