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Are You A Fan?

Fan 1: OMG. Did you watch the episode?!

Fan 2: Yes, yes, I seriously ship [insert so hard. They’re like my OTP.

Fan 1: I KNOW. So much it’s causing all these I’m so glad they sunk the ship, right down the of the ocean where it belongs.

Fan 3: You’re obviously not a trufan if what you watch the show They made her a complete by going down this not to mention the whitewash of his entire arc. They should just followed book or better yet, made her [X] and

Fan 2: Fanwank, much? Please us and write your own fanfic. distracting me from my feels.

We do not condone ship wars on site. Please read our rules and guidelines for posting. is your first and final – we are not a forum run by teenyboppers, so expect to be from discussion threads if behaviour continues.  /sick of crap

*   *   *

Admit it. At one maybe not-too-distant in your life, you’ve at least one of the four roles above – and if you haven’t, there’s a chance you’ve stumbled a situation frighteningly like it by in the dark corners of fan forums. An like this begs a few first, what does it signify? What do terms “ship”, “OTP” and “UST” Second, how and when did this the norm of fan interactions?

Talk of the media landscape and the ways in it has revolutionised our communication systems has in recent years, to the extent such discussions have tired and, well, “so (you know you read with attitude). But these are no more evident than in fan communities, where the good, the bad and the scary are on exhibition for all to see. fans of yesteryear found an for their passions by converging at fan (fanspeak equivalent, cons ), today have the capacity to across geographical, social and barriers. So how has technological evolution the ways in which fans

Courtesy of vickyindisguise

Emma interacting with fans at Potter premiere

The Fan Forum:

Whether you’re a fan of an book or TV series, film, band or any niche interest, likely you’ve come sites dedicated to the subject/object of It’s the main hub of activity, fans converge to access updates, discuss the minutiae of shared interests and bask in the that they are not alone in avid devotion.

These communities are often at the centre of ”, a portmanteau of “fan” and “domain” to denote a cultural subgroup of In the words of media theorist Jenkins, “cyberspace is fandom large” (see here for fascinating thesis). Fan communities a space in which members act as the elite”, as per John Tulloch’s Such a paradox is actually a reflection on the nature of fan communities while we cannot change content, we are in complete control of its

As active media consumers, we now the power to shape, mould and interpretations of content. The addictive now bestowed on the average fan is made so by the kinship and camaraderie often in fan communities. After all, is more gratifying than others agree with opinions on a particular plot fashion trend or music The intense rush of validation so absent in “real life” is intoxicating. Niche groups in are legitimised and given credit in the world, whereas this is the case in external environments the status quo remains rigidly

Often, this sense of is reinforced by “fan-speak”, which is employed as assumed knowledge on fan and message boards. As is the case any culture, a shared language serves to strengthen bonds members. In earlier fandoms, was mostly observed among fiction fans, and gradually in breadth to encompass a range of Fan-speak performs multiple providing a point of identification and as the nomenclature used by fans to and interact with one another in only understood by them – again reinforcing the sense of for the traditionally excluded.

So, with in mind, would you class as a Trekkie, Trekker, Whovian, Janeite, Twihard, Potterhead, Belieber, Tolkeinite, Narutard, Avatard, or Lostie? Perhaps the interesting question is, how are these names determined and by whom?

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The Hunger fans at a Seattle QA session

In an of just how controversial fandom can be, The Hunger Games fandom – one of the fandoms to emerge in recent with the release of The Hunger film adaptation – remains on their point of identification. issues concerning self-identification provoke impassioned responses virtual communities, and in the case of THG . generated a number of polls to reach a consensus on the issue. In the are ‘Tributes’, while alternative in contention include Mockingjays, Hunger Gamers, Jabberjays and Hunger Games Fans The finer details, pros and of each proposed fandom can be found here for THG enthusiasts.

So, now that has been decided, do you Dramione, Drarry or Drapery, (For a laugh, here is a comprehensive list of Harry ship names ) Bangel or Whedonites? Delena or Stelena, TVD Team Edward, Team or Team Switzerland, Twihards?

As relationship tags are a relatively new ship names are not universally within all fandoms. Expressing adoration of Sculder (Mulder and would invite scorn and from the much older of the X-Files fandom, for instance.

Fan Productions and Events

Fanvids, sketches, conventions, launch podcasts, cosplay, fandom-affiliated events, fanfic, merchandise – you it, fandoms have got it all. developments have enabled to express their appreciation in ways, from organising creating their own art and media, to and publishing fanfiction. The kinship, or of citizenship within a fandom, is by individual and collective efforts possible by online mass social networking sites, and production programs. Before the Revolution, conventions played an role in establishing networks fans. Nowadays, this holds true – but on a larger The annual San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC), for instance, is one of the biggest celebrating all facets of pop culture in the In Australia, our biggest convention is Supanova, which tours states throughout the year.

at its finest: Buffy vs. Edward: Remixed [original version] by on YouTube

So what’s your What kind of fan are you? In the media climate, it’s to become the most avid fan of any of your choosing. As an active of several fandoms, I’ve had my share of fandom experiences and it can get ugly at times, there is something to remind me of the incredible of a fan community – whether it is the coordination of charity events, or a simple, discussion between passionate and strangers.

Conflict and unity within any produces one of the most powerful experiences of the modern era because, you always have a place – no how small (that’s right, – in the fan community.

What kind of fan have you had? Are you a part of any Drop us a line in the comments

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