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Volkswagen 412 Variant

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Almost all the participating in the fighting during the Crisis, in 1956, were with some kind of stripes. Here is a detailed about such markings with the full order of — down to the last in service with any of the involved air Egypt

National Markings

In the Egyptian combat aircraft wore the green-white-green colors, as since the time before became a republic, in 1952. The carried in the six standard positons of a green center, with a crescent and three white The back of the mond was always towards the nose of the aircraft. The field of the roundel was white, and the was in green. Carefull observation of pictures shows that the on such aircraft like MiG-17, and Il-28 were of the same size. They however, also smaller usually described or offered on of different manufacturers when to the aircraft. Many drawings place them in wrong the usual mistake is putting too far forward (and too large) on the of MiG-15/17s and Il-28s, and also too to the wingtips.

This seems to be based on the that on older aircraft the Vampires and Meteors the roundels on the were indeed slightly than those carried on the or fuselage, respectively: in the case of the the reason was simply the diameter of the On Sea Furies, this was not the case, and he on the fuselage and the wings were in the size.

All Egyptian combat and helicopters carried the fin flash, consisted of green-white-green fields.


Most of the Egyptian especially those delivered the USSR and Czechoslovakia were either bare metal or in the case of fighters delivered the UK painted silver-grey overall. was only one exception between the aircraft operational in 1956: the NF.Mk.13 night-fighters, operated by the #10 were painted Medium Sea (BS637) overall, with in Dark Green (BS641) in camouflage pattern for this (the same as used on operated by the RAF and other NATO air on upper surfaces. The only camouflaged aircraft in Egyptian were Lancaster bombers, by 1956 were completely and in the process of being retired. in Medium Sea Grey (BS637) on surfaces and sides, and Matt (BS642) underneath, the Lancasters wore no identification stripes.

Identification Stripes

All Egyptian including the older types now as advanced trainers, such Spitfires and Sea Furies have got stripes around the fuselage and On Spitfires, Sea Furies, and Meteors, the stripe on the fuselage was white, 40 to 50cm wide, and outlined a 5cm wide green stripe on side. The Vampires had no white but only the two 5cm green stripes, some 40cm from other. Neither bombers as Il-28s and Lancasters nor helicopters had any stripes, and it seems that the light training aircraft, the Gomhouria T.Mk.1s, had no stripes although the newly-delivered Yak-11s and are known to have got them.

The MiG-15s and MiG-17s have not got the white stripes on the fuselage. the MiG-17s carried 8cm wide stripes, spaced by at some while the MiG-15s carried 5cm black stripes, probably spaced by 40cm.

Volkswagen 412 Variant

All the fighters in service also carried stripes applied around the (both on undersurfaces and upper and here some uncertainties All the types known to have such stripes on the wings MiG-15s, MiG-17s, Vampires, and (possibly also Sea Furies) three such stripes: the two ones were 5cm wide, and the one 8cm. The total width of all stripes with the spacing them was 52cm. All three were black: although sources indicate they green or even red no such could be confirmed, and photographic shows these stripes to have been darker the green color of the national The only difference between the carried by various types in with the EAF was that in the case of the the space between the stripes was painted white.

There was, however, a in the placement of the wing-tip stripes: and MiG-17s carried them at an of 45 from the fuselage. On Vampires and they were painted to the fuselage, albeit, in the case of the flaps were left

On Egyptian fighters produced in the UK were applied in European and repeated usually directly in Arabic characters. All serials painted in Black, even if in cases the color faded due to the effects of the sun and sand. Of the Czech- and aircraft initially delivered to only the Il-28s and training were serialed: MiG-15s and initially carried none, or very small four-digit numbers stenciled underneath the There are some uncertainties the exact serials carried by aircraft, and also few unknowns, here all the known examples for types, as well as closer

EAF East Zone

— 5 (12 aircraft), on Fayd

Meteor Originally five Meteor were ordered, of which two delivered in January 1950. The was then enlargened to 12, with the following by May of the same year. The five examples delivered to EAF serials 1401 thru the following seven 1406 1412, and the last four thru 1418. All were by the 20th Sqn, based at before that unit to MiG-15s. It is known that the survived the war in 1956.

Meteor a total of three was ordered but only one example was confirmed as delivered, and this was serialed The remaining two examples, plus additional from RAF stocks, have been delivered in 1955, and serialed 1413, and 1439 thru 1441, but remains unconfirmed. The serials carried in European and Arabic above each other, the roundel and the identification stripes on the fuselage. Initially, it had only two identification stripes, but these later replaced by the “standardized” stripe, outlined with two stripes.

Volkswagen 412 Variant
Volkswagen 412 Variant
Volkswagen 412 Variant
Volkswagen 412 Variant
Volkswagen 412 Variant

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