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Volkswagen-Porsche 914

Darryl’s 1974 Porsche 914


Last Updated on 12, 2014

The Porsche 914 — You are thinking, given the price of new is the same as a 911, why in the hell anybody restore a 914 Porsche? The so Poor man’s Porsche its boxy shape and pop-off top had me before I could drive, 1/25th scale models of at age 14 back in 1973. Now those vintage Revell model come up on eBay occasionally for usually getting about $50 for that originally cost

The 914’s story is full of the best selling Porsche of all time and keeping the company during a time when strict US emissions standards killing the reliability and sales of the The 914 is the bastard child of the Porsche family and curiously omitted Porsche automobile marketing except for the occasional 914-6. As a of the generation of new drivers from the and a die-hard Volkswagen enthusiast, I thought of the mid-engine 914 as the ultimate Volkswagen, combining the fully pre-emission control Volkswagen pancake 4-cylinder engine race proven drivetrain and components of the ultimate Porsche, the I remember stopping and checking out 914 I encountered while I was a starving and in those struggling years my career off the ground. It was like a of unfinished business I filed until my finances would it.

In the summer of 2009, and over 15 since I restored it and the only ever, I entered my 914 in a car show. The was the 2009 Pacific NW Region of the Club of America’s annual show shine and my 914 won 1st place! It goes to show how even the have a soft spot for the

In 1992 I found my project car in condition for $2,100 but with so body flex the passenger would touch the B-pillar on cornering. Prices for OEM parts, the same price as 911 parts not as expensive as they are now so I slowly acquiring all NOS trim and weatherstripping and pieces for the restoration as rapidly as our budget would allow. junkyards also had lots of 914s and treated them Volkswagens so I could pull my own at classic, now long gone area junkyards like in West Seattle, Fitz’ in and Campbell Nelson in Edmonds. car’s factory color was Blue Metallic (paint L-96-M) that had been black by a previous owner. most 20+ year old cars in the Northwest this car had some rust in the rocker panels and the battery but it had never been Unfortunately the extent of the rust really reveal itself I removed the outer rocker covers and had the car media blasted, then it was evident it should been condemned. Do the prudent and haul it to the junkyard? Not me, no, since critical to the structural integrity of the car no roof) I had the inner and outer panels (the uni-body under both doors in red in the diagram below) professionally by a competent bodyshop with a bench using new sheetmetal from Automobile Atlanta on sides ($$$ KA-CHING and then further reinforced. was during a time in my software career where outsourcing my and watching somebody else do the fun was as much time as I could but I made it a goal that I would be doing the welding and on my restorations projects and kept my to the grindstone until that

While it was at the bodyshop, I also had the metal under the battery and rear suspension console referred to as the 914 hell hole ) with new panels to fix all traces of due to battery acid corrosion and water pooling. It is now better new and very rigid in tight After media blasting and all the surfaces back up from metal, I chose Mazda Blaze Red for the new color, using the acrylic polyurethane enamel system, which has held-up since it was painted in 1993. I added the targa bar vinyl and the PORSCHE racing stripe as was a option on the 1974 version. The of eBay has made many new 914 and accessories available to me, like the 8 volume set of factory manuals, used, at 20% of the price of new. I had the brake rotors machined to the 911 style 5-bolt 15 Fuchs wheels like the factory powered 914-6 had back in I’m running some low-profile 205/60 Bridgestone S-03 Pole Position which significantly lower the clearance of the car to about 4 inches. I a set of 14 Fuchs wheels that I to polish and refinish for the car at some to lower it even further. I to a 911, 19mm master and stainless steel brake to improve brake system response. The Spartan racecar interior includes a MOMO wheel, additional VDO gauges in the and Blaupunkt in-dash CD player.

I the car to be a long-term dependable driver so I to buy a 1.8 liter powered 914 rather the 2.0 because of the cost savings to it on the road and I guess since been running this since 1993, all trouble-free since the rebuild, I achieved goal. I also wanted to the perfect city cruiser, not a If I wanted to go fast, I’d get the and shakes with with Personally, I think rebuilding 914 2-liter engines is a total of money for a marginal increase in in city type driving you really don’t see the extra kick in until you get to about 50 At the time of my engine rebuild, a set of 2.0 liter heads with exotic sodium-filled exhaust stems cost as much as the engine rebuild on the 1.8 and they become more expensive as goes on. This is due to the fact the 1.8 is the engine as used in all those VW of that era and the parts are very The 2.0 liter, 4-cylinder engine is a Porsche one-off that is impossible to find parts, for the fuel injection system, and if they are insanely priced.

The current 1.8 engine is relatively rebuilt using all new Bosch fuel injection components, the one exception of adding a stock-grind cam and hydraulic lifters manufactured by Web Cam to the need to adjust the valves 6000 miles. The engine and have been rebuilt to tolerances and it runs, shifts and like new. A couple that have greatly the performance of the starter is a high amp gel cell battery (mounted on its in the stock location) and a starter bypass relay that the distance the electricity has to travel the battery to the starter to start the A great benefit of the gel cell is the fact there is no battery to spill out to again damage the suspension console that I had

My most recent enhancements to the car made in the summer of 2005. I the flimsy reproduction fiberglass spoiler and rear apron I had making due with, with originals. I found some nice original steel which I straightened, welded-up the blasted and painted after them with Wurth Guard. I also replaced the Monza muffler with a outlet Bursch extractor which utilized the stock opening on the rear apron. Now all the ground-level panels on the 914 are steel and matching finishes. I rather how it turned out and the additional power I get the new exhaust system, especially in the an above RPM range, it is really I had been running smaller bumperettes on the front bumper for until I found a NOS set of the correct, front ones on eBay for a price. The bumperettes on the front are 30mm longer than the ones.

Like most cars it requires constant to keep it purring, that’s why a hobby and not just transportation. All the sheetmetal, front and rear engine compartment and interior been detailed and painted to the exterior color so the red color like a factory paint

Volkswagen-Porsche 914

The original factory appearance console instruments have upgraded with modern VDO style gauges. New gauges numerical readings include an oil gauge, oil pressure, alternator voltage and clock. I have the original gauges safely away in the event I would want to revert back to but I would have a hard adjusting to the loss of the oil pressure

One of the things I really like my 914 is the hard fiberglass targa top stows in the trunk. I used to own a Targa with a soft, targa top and I always worried somebody using a knife to cut the padded vinyl top to break the car. Not so much that broke into the car but that I had to the expensive upholstered top! always thought the way the 914 top stowed in the and still allowed for luggage was a marvel of German engineering

I’m the first to admit, the Karmann-built body doesn’t anywhere near the fit and finish of a hand-built 911, regardless it is an thrill to drive with the top off on summer days at a brisk on country roads with tight curves.

Porsche scoff at its Volkswagen lineage but one is for certain, it has Porsche blood, subsystems, such as the transmission, suspension and numerous parts the 911. Like breeding the horse with the mule to the ultimate sports car for the common hence the dubious nickname to it by the Germans, VoPo for Volks-Porsche to be confused with Volks-Police as in infamous trigger happy German border guards). Can you see the mid-engine drive train of 914 of the 1970’s in the Boxster of the 1990’s? has had a long standing tradition of roadsters as far back as the 1950’s, the 550 Spyder (the car that the James Dean died

Porsche also has a long mid-engine motorsports heritage, is the 1970 24-hour Le Mans and mid-engined 917 parked next to a 1970 914-6. A race of the 914-6 was the Le Mans GT class in 1970 (1970 Le Mans Results ), even beating the in the GT class. There was even a poster (see below) the 914-6 as the Le Mans winner! + Porsche + Audi worked hard in the early 70’s to the image of the Volkswagen / Porsche 914 as as valid of Porsche as the ones $100K plus. I can’t but think that the 914-6 the GT under 2000cc class at the Le Mans was a source of great for Porsche’s Zuffenhausen engineers to a 911S beat by a car with a engine!

As a kid, the mystic of the Porsche as a machine was enhanced by advertisements the one below, a 2-page spread the 1974 product line for budgets. To my 15-year-old mind, was confirmation in writing that the 914 was a member of the Porsche racing Now I look back and laugh at my own years when a $6500 car was so much more than a fleeting Madison Avenue I’m banking on the nostalgia someday making the value of my 914 as most hard-core Porsche I’ve shown the car comment they once owned a 914 and ever letting go of it. For many, myself, the 914 was the beginning of a life-long affair with Porsches.

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Volkswagen-Porsche 914
Volkswagen-Porsche 914
Volkswagen-Porsche 914
Volkswagen-Porsche 914

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