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Advantage of Universal Health Insurance

Universal life insurance is a globally accepted to provide quality health to citizens from all walks of It is a system by which basic care expenses of a person are either completely by the government or by the government through a financial of public-private partnership. In simple when a person joins life care insurance, he or she be provided free treatment in hospitals run by the government or in certain stipulated by the government or the insurance Such a system is running in almost all developed countries in the especially in Europe and Asia. One exception from this is United States.

Authorities with health care in United States maintain there are a number of private in United States that a variety of health insurance. As a apostle of free market and economy, the US must provide an market environment for these to engage in a healthy competition so the consumers will get maximum They insist that in the care insurance system in the US, the have a choice in selecting the scheme.

The consumers can compare insurance schemes and choose the one according to their view. But experts feel that the of the health care authorities not take into consideration the prevailing at ground level. argue that for a majority of health insurance scheme is not choice. For example, for employees of a company, the company selects a health care insurance and deducts the insurance premium the salary of the employee. A fresh to the company has no option but to select the scheme of choice of that company. So the supposed advantage of schemes of United States reminds people of what Ford, a great icon of once said: “The can have any color as long as it is

Another advantage of universal care system is that citizen of the country will under a single scheme will reduce the administrative significantly. A prominent health in United States, Institute of of the National Academies, pointed out hidden costs in the present insurance schemes, which decrease the quality of the health and create further problems. the institute has demanded for a universal care insurance scheme in States by 2010. In the present a person may not avail health for certain health conditions the insurance scheme he or she can afford not support that kind of treatment. But every citizen of the would benefit if a universal care insurance scheme is put in

A New Lease on Life – Worry-Free

Vehicle leasing is no longer kind of “new math” or idea. It has been completely and is a common practice in the U.S. and even Europe (although way ahead here in North Businesses first popularized the of leasing as a way to know, in advance, of the costs of transportation for their activities.

Companies both big and now routinely lease both and trucks, in addition to construction and other special vehicles. In the economic reasons in favor of are voluminous and well known, and are no more arguments to defeat, for corporate accountants. Now even and not just wealthy ones, the economic advantages of leasing buying. But it is not just good for wallet. It can be good for your as well.

Psychological benefits, too

are other advantages beyond savings, of course, including benefits. Leasing in general, and leasing with a reputable with a well-known commitment to service, is a good way to reduce stress and strain in one’s A study done in the 1990s “car troubles” (accidents, failures, flat tires, as among the top five “stressors” for adults 26-45 years of right up there with job and crying babies.

Even if you life at a more peaceful and live in a more relaxed (the country? the mountains? the where residents are less to the “rat race” lifestyle, it is very much the case car troubles are a source of great for many people. With car especially the way it is done at the best those stresses and strains of are gone. You are protected from the no matter what kind are, whether it’s a fan or a cracked windshield. Not your

Leading with high-tech

You have complete peace of with any of the modern, well-regarded, leasing forms now dotting the American landscape. All repair and work, inside and out, be done with the latest color-matching, Original Equipment (OEM) parts and factory-authorized In addition, your personal will be attended to, from rental car services to coordinating insurance photos and claims With a leading lease by your side, you are never alone to deal with

When it comes down to a leasing firm, make you compare apples to apples and just go for the lowest monthly A $375 payment (about with a so-so leasing is not as good a value as a $400 with a top-notch company will take care of you family. To know how firms their customers, make to ask for referrals and check all the consumer sites on the Internet.

Your aim is to find a firm will work out a fair not dramatically higher than the and then solve all the vehicle for you so that you can maintain the stress-free of which your car lease is now an part. Economically, car leasing sense, and has for years. Psychologically, it makes even better Leave your stress and behind you and take advantage of the obvious pun) a new lease on

Insurance – Better Safe Sorry

Individuals and businesses need protection, whether an inconvenient illness, a fire natural calamity or any of the numerous that go wrong at the wrong and place. From this has arisen fields such as management, but the thing around all such transfer of risk is one: insurance.

In the past were people who were on payment of a sum, to take up the of the improbable happening to someone or his or goods. Excluding such arrangements, people would each other in times of knowing they would get the same help in their of need as well. Therefore is nothing new to human societies; always been around in one or the other.

However, insurance has an integral part of our economic and is ambitious enough to insure aspect of our lives. By far, car, health, building and from loss in businesses are the common, although the most of things like pets, a actors face etc can also be The basic idea is the same: you to pay a certain amount called a in a periodical manner to the insurer. amount is acceptable to the insurer as taking the risk for. In the amount is not large enough to be to the insured party.

Despite it simple enough, insurance can a highly complicated affair on what is being insured and the involved. The instrument in writing is the which determines the scope of the and conditions in which it can and cannot be People are frequently caught in situations when they to read the ‘fine print’ in policies.

How to play the game to advantage largely depends on ability to read the insurer’s Companies use statistics and probability to how much premium to charge, and is which is the high premium for the life insurance of an elderly who would live for a lesser of time than a younger Such a high premium be avoided if you buy the premium at a low rate at a age. Similarly, if a car is old then car quotations would be higher for a new car. Even women’s car can be costlier if a company thinks are bad drivers!

Certain type of are needed more in some than others. For example, insurance is needed in the United more than elsewhere as is no state health care as in Europe. Similarly, if a car is bought on or a house on mortgage, some of insurance is usually involved. insurance is not a choice in these but a requirement in the economic aspect of our therefore, it’s better to be aware of your choices.

Cars Are Dangerous For Your At The Resorts

A test of rented at six popular European resorts by the German automotive union demonstrated that every car offered for rent had significant and each tenth auto was for driving. This could be a positive test result a great reserve as 50% of tested obtained the mark “good” or good”. Totally, 61 rental 26 from them were the brands like “Hertz” and and 35 local renters were

The main malfunctions were in steering control, tire and wheel discs of the tested But the electrics and lights in the majority were in excellent state.

The abominable from the tested was Suzuki Samurai, found out at resort Sid may by right be acknowledged car of death”. The car with production 1999 with the run of almost 140 km turned out to be unsatisfactory in respect of all starting from the external of the body and finishing with the of steering and brakes systems. By the according to the results conducted year also Suzuki from Alanya was called heap of iron scraps”. cars offered for rent in are distinguished with an utterly and soiled cabin and multiple defects. And in Turkish Kemer were some bolts for bolts missing in two tested

As a whole we should note the majority of rented jeeps are in a bad state. Three from tested jeeps were with negative marks. here we can observe not only an towards “not mine” but also jeep in customer’s is associated with an “immortal”

Undoubted test winner Avis rent company at offered Reno Clio, proved to be irreproachable from the point of view. Besides the of rent company could complete and true information on terms and insurance. According to results as a whole the Spanish were announced the leaders.

at satisfactory state of cars for rent many companies are qualified staff that is not to explain peculiarities of contract and and 60% consider that they are not to answer such questions. The of contracts are drawn up in national and it is very difficult for a foreigner to what he is subscribing. Very the cars were not inspected in of the staff, and subsequently no remarks on existing car defects were in the contract. Turkey was again for just a simple handshake and of cash from the customer.

Your Income During

There are reports every day on the that unemployment is rising, and and more companies are planning A recent report by Watson states that 26% of companies are PLANNING on layoffs over the 12 months. That doesn’t into account the 19% that already had downsizing and layoffs, or the of the companies that will to also, even though aren’t “planning” to layoff

There are the obvious things you can do to try to being laid off, but in you really have no control your employment status. on time, working diligently, and new skills are things that can you a more valuable employee. But a company reaches a point the work is just not there, it matter how skilled you are, will still be cuts At that point, the planning you have done, or not done, be what makes the difference in a being a financially stressful or being a time of opportunity to yourself and your family.

The way to prepare for unemployment is to get protection it. How can you be protected? It’s actually simple. Throughout Europe and other countries they had what is called “Unemployment This is an insurance plan, to life insurance, the difference that you don’t have to die to get the The unemployment insurance benefits are to you when you become unemployed. The news is that there is a Unemployment Protection Plan in the U.S. This is a membership that pays its members a benefit if they become This is not an “insurance plan”; a group membership plan has an insurance benefit along other useful legal and benefits.

The national average check is only about a week. That isn’t much and I know that be enough to get most people by for a month. Now consider that the length of unemployment is about weeks. That’s enough to drain any savings you may have. Americans are living check to though, and don’t really the safety net of a 6 months income in This is where an unemployment plan is really necessary. if you are fortunate enough to have up several months of income, do you want to burn right that while looking for job? Wouldn’t you rather saving that for something like home improvements, vacations, or keeping it for an emergency?

An protection plan can make it for you to survive through a job loss and with out the stress of creditor bills going unpaid, and foreclosures. This will you keep your head while you concentrate on your for a new job.

Car Insurance With Extras

There are optional within your car breakdown which could make a almost stress free.

companies offer breakdown starting from as little as Some also offer levels of cover to meet a of breakdown needs, whether you on the roadside, at home, or even driving in Europe.

The most level of breakdown cover be the European Rescue policy, as covers you if you break down at or on the roadside, plus up to 90 days of breakdown cover, recovery to any in the UK, a service especially for caravans and and money towards alternative or accommodation if necessary.

Breaking causes enough complications, there may be extras in your which make life a bit when you’re stuck on the shoulder. Some breakdown offer a message service, for which will let friends and know that you’ve down. You no longer need to about people wondering you are, as they will be informed by your service You may also need to get to the garage your car is being repaired, and reputable car breakdown policies cover the cost of transporting you and car to the nearest garage if your car be fixed at the roadside.

In a worst case scenario, you may have to spend the night you hadn’t planned to. If your car down late in the day, may be no way you can get your car fixed and arrive at destination on time. In these your breakdown cover may to cover the up to £150 for the cost of accommodation for you and your passengers. may also use this same to cover the price of alternative rail or air travel to get you to your

Breakdowns are everyone’s worse however if you have car breakdown in your insurance policy – you may the breakdown runs a lot smoother you could have hoped. little extras like and accommodation covered, all you have to about it is getting back on the as soon as possible.

Car Paint – Trends, Tips and Myths

In the world of car features, people forward to the latest designs, gadgets and fuel-saving systems. car colors change just as with time. Car manufacturers are working to come up with paint colors, usually years ahead of time. colorful variations are backed by science and artistic influence.

more about what into creating new car paint and which colors are most

Car color trends

Auto experts have established an trend in car colors: Consumers to buy cars in muted, conservative like black, white and during economically tough This may be because neutral- car are perceived as easier to re-sell, they convey a more frugal attitude. When times are better, you’re to see more vibrant hues yellows, oranges and bright

According to the annual DuPont Automotive Color Popularity silver is the most popular car in the world, and has been for many Drilling down into regions, white takes the top in North America while dominates in Europe. However, has noticed a recent North trend: only 17.8% of were white in 2009 to 31% in 2003). Meanwhile, black has steadily gaining in popularity this time.

Here’s a at the most recent rankings of vehicle colors:

1. Silver: 25%

2. 23%

3. White: 16%

4. Gray: 13%

5. Blue: 9%

6. 8%

7. Brown/Beige: 4%

8. Green: 1%

9. Yellow/Gold: 1%

10. 1%

With these statistics in car manufacturers mostly adhere to the car colors while dipping into a palette of bold like blue, orange, red and the lime green or yellow. of current economic conditions, generally spot one or two sporty, yellow vehicles when a new comes out.

Advances in car colors

New techniques involving pigmentation are breathing new life established colors. For example, grays and beiges are being to appear bolder and more Special pigments are included reflect light in different so the car may appear to shimmer or change as it moves down the road. white being so popular in America, the advent of “white has made it a more interesting and color. To achieve this sheen, manufacturers add a third of paint to the traditional two.

the popularity of certain car colors

you look closer at the trends has charted over the years, are some general conclusions experts have drawn the top car colors:

Silver continues to be because of its clean, sharp and the fact that it shows dirt. It is used frequently automakers reveal concept and new models because it appears and cutting-edge. However, silver can be to see in rain and snow storms, silver fans to opt for gray

Black is a popular vehicle because of its perceived elegance. like wearing black tie or to an event, a black car looks a more polished and refined. dust and body imperfections scratches and dents can be easily on the finish, making a black car to keep clean.

White popular because it’s to keep clean and has a fresh Some industry watchers point to the fact that cars, including inexpensive are available in white.

Car colors are limitless in their availability and can their own set of unique trends. For dark blue is perceived to be and is often used on high-end Bright blue is often on sub-compact cars aimed at people because it is more and recreational. And, ice blue is on hybrids and electric cars it’s perceived as crisp and and is associated with water, is clean and natural.

The evolution of color names

Color continue to evolve and become evocative. As manufacturers invent variations of car colors, they names to differentiate their differences. More names are drawn from nature, cities, buildings and even the table of elements. For example, you may Red Rock Crystal Pearl if you the Southwest, Capri Blue if you for the Mediterranean, or Palladium Silver or Black Metallic if you excelled in class.

Car paint colors and car insurance

How to Source Europe Cruise

If you have ever dreamed of the vast oceans and rivers of our world, then this can be by locating. There are many operators who cater specifically for the located in Europe and it can truly be a of a lifetime.

You will find visiting many famous and landmarks on the coastal towns and of the countries of Europe. The ship’s may mean that it will at locations such as Barcelona, Naples, Gibraltar and Athens.

are usually three types of cruise deals that you can opt you could try a Northern Europe, Mediterranean or Western Mediterranean No matter which option you you will find there are of great ocean views and famous attractions to visit.

If you something a bit different, then you opt for River cruises in France. cruises take you into the of the country and you will get a glimpse of village life and be able to see spectacular scenery. River in France are a popular choice many kinds of traveler as cater for group dynamics. is also the option of themed such as golf or wine you choose River cruises in

The facilities on board the vessels for European cruises are luxurious and Many of the ships have such as gyms, spas, salons, internet access, services and some of the larger have cinemas. It really like a home from when you book any of the Europe deals.

Many of the cabins balconies so that you can enjoy the sea on your trip. If you are lucky, you may be to spot some famous as the ship is coming in to port. Europe cruise deals any flights and meals that may be during your vacation.

You can many operators who have own website offering Europe deals on the World Wide It is possible to book your on these websites and this is generally quick and simple to do. You be asked for certain details you book including your company details and how many are to be reserved. It is recommended that you let the know of any special requirements at the of booking.

Searching and booking cruise deals is straightforward and you end up having one of the best journeys of life. There is so much to see and do you will be hard pushed to not yourself!

Humana Corporation’s in Private Enterprise and Welfare

Humana Inc. was founded in in Louisville, Kentucky by David and Wendell Cherry as a nursing company. The decision to start the came in a rather unusual It was whilst both men were a game of golf in Louisville. of them put up $1,000 as their investment. The company soon the largest nursing home in the United States.

Learning more profits could be in running hospitals they from the nursing home and moved into purchasing in 1971. To reflect the company’s new the name was changed from to Humana Inc. in 1974. experienced tremendous growth the years that followed. Its of American Medicorp Inc. in doubled the company’s size. the mid-1970s, a fast-track construction enabled the completion and opening of one a month. This accelerated schedule compressed time by processes thus allowing the of hospital projects incredibly Humana then moved developing the double corridor for hospital construction which the distance between patients and by placing nursing support in the interior of the building with rooms surrounding the perimeter.

in time became the world’s hospital company in the 1980s. As the health care system in the 1980s, Humana developed an health care delivery by creating a family of flexible care plans, tying up the care service with a insurance plan thus them to begin marketing insurance in 1984.

Humana the pioneering artificial heart of Dr. Robert Jarvik and Dr. William to Louisville under the newly-created Heart Institute in 1985. in 1982 Clark, a 61-year-old dentist from Des Moines, became the first human to a permanently implanted artificial at the hands of surgeon William For DeVries, then 38, that moment was the culmination of the three he had spent perfecting the technique made the implant possible, and for a patient who met the rigorous criteria for implant candidates by the Food and Administration. For DeVries the 7½-hr. was “almost a spiritual experience. So such a man together with his was to bring much invention and prolongation at the center of Humana.

In the 1990s Humana metamorphosed a consumer health benefits Humana spun-off its hospital from the health insurance in 1993 and created the new company Health Care Inc. after, Galen merged Columbia/HCA. After United failed attempt to acquire in 1998, Humana began work in consumer driven care in 1999; launching its services on September 11, 2001.The and administering of health benefit services. became a very area of Humana’s engagement run from its headquarters at the Humana

Through a partnership with Inc. a subsidiary of Blue and Blue Shield of Florida, in 2001, Humana launched to empower physicians and other care professionals with a solution to conduct their health plan transactions.

began marketing health account services to individuals and in 2003. The Business Health Group of Southeast Wisconsin Humana as its administrative partner to Southeastern Wisconsin health costs to the Midwest average in through consumer education providing cost and quality on health care providers, accountability of all stakeholders and collective Today, this Group more than 200 member including large and small representing more than health care consumers in Wisconsin.

Upon passage of the Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Act in the U. S. Congress, Humana launched an education campaign to market Advantage and Prescription Drug nationwide to Medicare eligible in 2006. Through a cross RV tour and strategic alliance medicare distribution concerns as Wal-Mart, approximately 5 million got signed catapulting Humana to #2 in market share for senior Humana also launched Source, a national mail-order pharmacy business in 2006.

The below shows some of the acquisitions by Humana since in the U.S.A::

1990 Michael Health Plan Illinois

The Dental Concern Illinois

Carrington Illinois

1996 Health Insurance (EHI)

1997 Physicians Corp of (PCA) Texas

1997 Ohio

2000 Memorial of Charity Texas

2003 Health Plan Louisiana

CarePlus Health Florida

Corphealth Behavioral Healthcare

2006 CHA Health Kentucky

Compbenefits Georgia

2007 KMG

Over 46 years since its by those two golf players, is now the Official Health Benefits of the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. PGA player David Toms and player Nancy Scranton are ambassadors for Humana. With a base of over 11.5 in the United States the company is now the Fortune 500 Company. Headquartered in in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, it has generated a capital of over $10 billion and billion dollars in revenue. employs over 22,500 nationwide. It markets its health consumer services all over the US and has business interests in Western In its March 2007 issue, Magazine named Humana one of the Top 5 Admired Healthcare Companies in the States.

The picture of Humana business out of health care and has not been all rosy. There been widespread opposition to commercialisation of what they should be a social service as This has even often into legal tussles.

In Humana sued NBC over a line in the television medical St. Elsewhere where the hospital was to be to a for-profit medical corporation and “Ecumena”, with subsequent to the hospital, both positive and emanating from that Humana forced NBC into a disclaimer at the beginning of the September 30 saying that the drama had no whatsoever with Humana. A report on that states:

A court in Paducah, Ky… ruled NBC issue a disclaimer before night’s episode of “St. explaining that the hospital has no relationship with Humana the for-profit hospital chain for its work on the artificial heart.

to this season’s story fictional St. Elsewhere has been to a for-profit medical corporation has renamed the hospital “Ecumena.” The new have made improvements to the inner-city Boston hospital, but the is also not as compassionate toward the and uninsured as …

On May 30, 1996, Linda who was a contract worker for Humana for months, testified before as to the demerits of managed care.

She by making a public confession:

In the of 1987, as a physician, I caused the of a man. Although this was to many people, I have not taken before any court of law or to account for this in any professional or forum. In fact, just the occurred: I was “rewarded” for this. It me an improved reputation in my job, and to my advancement afterwards. Not only did I I could indeed do what was of me, I exemplified the “good” company I saved a half million .

I contend that “managed as we currently know it, is inherently in its organization and operation. Furthermore, I that we have an industry can exist only through ethical violations against and the public

On the June 21, 2007 of Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now . radio/television Peeno further claimed “just within a day or so of the refusal of the transplant, “I saw a sculpture being in the rotunda of Humana’s headquarters and was … that it had cost about the as the heart transplant that we had I later found out that sculpture cost $3.8 … equivalent to eight heart

A video of Linda Peeno’s appeared in Michael Moore’s documentary Sicko . In a statement the movie, Humana declared Peeno was never a Humana but rather a “part-time contractor”. also disputed the portions of testimony that were by saying that because the specific healthcare plan cover heart transplants, the of coverage was valid.

Humana was featured in Season One of Moore’s The Truth . shown refusing to a pancreatic failure sufferer for a transplant due to a contradictory policy stated that all of this diabetes related expenses covered by his plan (his was failing due to his diabetes) but in another it said that it wouldn’t organ transplants. Moore a fake funeral on the front of Humana for the man who was sure to die without the Three days later, changed their policy and the man’s treatment. This was the inspiration for Sicko.


Great Value for The Money – Insurance Policies

When you are of buying any type of insurance for motorhome, probably the first that comes to mind is real value for money and of mind. There is some value for money insurance available in the market and at very rates. Depending on what of insurance you are looking for be it Third Fire and Theft or fully there is sure to be a rate will suit your

Some factors come play with the amount of you will pay such things how long have you owned a the longer the better, and what age you and if you are in full time employment and if you are or not. All these will be into consideration when you are for insurance on your motorhome.

If you are insurance for a converted panel van a motorhome or any other type of build motorhome, you may well to go to some specialists in insurance who with this type of cover, and in some cases you have to have an engineer’s done after you have the conversion of your van. is something to keep in mind thinking about the insurance as there may be only a few companies will provide the cover you want.

You may also like to what you will get for policy such as does the insurance your trips in the United and also for mainland Europe, and is a limit or not on the amount of trips you can take, and how long will the be for when you are in mainland Europe. factor you might like to up is, breakdown cover for any rescue you need here or abroad, and about any legal fees might be incurred? Also the insurance cover you should you your keys to your As getting replacement locks can be a very expensive outlay.

you are considering motorhome insurance it is to try and achieve as much no claims as possible, as this will in a cheaper policy that be offered to you. Whilst no one the idea of having their damaged, this again can be a item to replace, so you might to ask your insurance company if is covered, especially if you plan to several European trips, as of the roads in Europe are not up to the standard of in the UK, and tend to have more debris on the roads which can damage your vehicle or the windscreen.

Also see what the of cover is for your personal as nowadays many motorhome are fitted with many of the luxuries of life, such as and stereo systems. Finally see if motorhome insurance will cover you if you have an awning, as can be expensive to replace.


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